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God not allowed in schools?

God in school quote

This meme consisting of a question from a concerned student and God’s alleged reply makes the rounds on social media regularly. In any of its variations, the message conflicts with my understanding of school and God.

Those who espouse this meme are also likely to say that God is omnipotent (able to do anything) and omnipresent (everywhere at the same time). Then it is said that God is not allowed in schools and implied that this is the reason innocent children in some schools experience terrible violence. I also read and hear that “prayer has been taken out of the schools” which is simply not true. 

In public schools, we don’t dictate what individuals should believe or lead students in acts of worship, but everyone within a school has the right to their spiritual and prayer life, or lack thereof.

As a school principal who watches the miraculous work of teachers, I’ve seen evidence of divine work, guidance, and intervention in the lives of children. I’m saddened by statements like this meme that reduce the Creator of all that is known to a little boxy god that can be placed inside some institutions and supposedly removed or banned from others.

Sorry about the sermon…
Jim Warnock 


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  1. Sue Warnock says:

    No apology necessary for pointing out flawed thinking. Thanks for giving me the argument I felt but could not verbalize.👏👏👏 Never apologize for speaking truth…well-said…we are of common mind.

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