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Alma Intermediate School News – April, 2015

Alma Intermediate School News April, 2015

A lot of good things are happening at Alma Intermediate School! I’m thankful for our staff, students, and parents!

I spent some time this month thinking about my personal mission and vision, asking myself if I’m staying true to what I believe about teaching and learning. The link above should give you access to our newsletter.

From the Principal:

What we believe about teaching and learning plays a big part in students’ results. When I interview candidates for teaching positions, their core beliefs and work ethic are essential. If the beliefs are solid, the teaching skills needed will rise to meet those beliefs. The same applies to me as a principal. Every year I look at what I believe as a teacher and a principal. My hope is that the following words will act as a filter for every decision and action as I work with others in our school.

Professional Mission Statement:

  • I believe that educators have the power to change the direction of young lives and have a positive effect on the lives of future generations.  Learning is a joyous and never ending process that leads to successful living and has a positive impact on our families and communities.  I must set the example as a lifelong learner if I expect students and teachers to be continuous learners.
  • Teaching and learning require planning, enthusiasm, desire, time and effort. I have great respect and appreciation for teachers and their work. 
  • As a school principal, I am ultimately responsible for the learning and safety of our students.  Only by working with every part of the community can I meet this responsibility.  Working together we can provide the best possible education for all of our children.


  • AIS will demonstrate high levels of student engagement in learning every day.  Learning will be demonstrated in meaningful and public ways.  
  • AIS will be a community of learners actively sharing and collaborating to increase student learning so that best strategies spread.
  • AIS will be a joyful place where student needs are the focus.  The emotional, academic, physical and spiritual needs of students and adults will be met through continuous learning.  Accomplishments, both personal and professional, will be recognized and celebrated.
  • Students will make great gains academically.  Advancing in academic achievement will be the norm.
  • The arts and creativity will be displayed publicly and recognized as academic accomplishments.
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