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My Teacher, Wendell Evanson

Wendell Evanson next to his wife, Lydia, at an awards banquet in his honor

My teacher, Wendell O. Evanson, died this morning. My eyes teared up when I typed that sentence because of the weight of the words “my teacher.” He was my teacher from 1974 to the present, and his influence continues.

Like most great musicians, Wendell O. Evanson was passionate, committed to the art, complex in his thinking, and driven to do great work. As his student, I learned he also had a soft and compassionate side that revealed itself when you were down or disappointed. I was the recipient of his encouragement several times while in college and later as a music teacher. 

The first time I saw his compassionate and encouraging side was while playing in the pit orchestra at HSU for a musical that included community members. I noticed the delight on his face as a young child, who had struggled earlier, was singing his part. You could read Mr. Evanson’s lips as he said, “That-a-boy! You’ve got it!,” and several times he laughed with joy because he was so proud of that young man’s singing.

I’m thankful for Mr. Evanson’s life and his immeasurable influence on his students.

What follows is just one small example of Mr. Evanson’s conducting. Lawrence Hamilton, a wonderful singer, invited Mr. Evanson to conduct one of his performances.

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