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Newsletter for March, 2018

From the Principal…

The day was overcast, and I had hiked away from the trail for what seemed like a short distance. A few minutes later, disoriented and unsure of a path back to the trail, I realized there’s nothing like the feeling of being lost. To make matters worse, I had not packed my compass or map of the area. I experienced several minutes of embarrassment over this. I did know that the worst thing would be to continue walking, so I stood quietly for several minutes and thought I heard water. I began to walk toward the sound knowing it would lead me back to an intersection with the trail.

I learned a couple of lessons that day.
1. Always carry your compass and map.
2. When you leave the familiar trail, pay attention to your surroundings.

Why did I share this embarrassing moment with you? There are similarities between continuous school improvement and making your way through the woods without getting lost.

As we look at our students’ achievement data and curriculum planning, we’re studying maps that show us where we are and give guidance for moving forward without getting lost.

On our path of continuous improvement, paying attention to our surroundings means knowing our students and responding to their needs. Our school’s mission and vision are like open views from high bluffs, inspiring us to continue our journey.

Enthusiasm and commitment will keep us moving together over obstacles toward our goals. We’re thankful for students and parents who share this journey as we travel and learn together.

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