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Alma Intermediate School News, Sept. 2017

Mother and Daddy 1

Jimmy & Elsie Warnock

From the Principal….

I had wonderful parents but didn’t realize this until around age 25. They’ve become more impressive to me with each passing year. I’ve been thinking about what made them such good parents. Here are a few things that stand out.

They were there! My parents made an effort to attend performances and sporting events I was involved in. More importantly, they were there emotionally at home. We had conversations, and they let me know that I was an important part of the family….not the center of attention….not the center of their universe, but an important part of the family.

They had expectations of me. They gave me jobs around the house and expected them to be done. They expected me to do well in school and continue my education after high school. They expected me to work and earn a living. They expected me to respect others. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

My parents treated each other with respect. If they had any complaints about one another, I never heard them. They may have gotten a little cross on rare occasions but always in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

My parents loved me unconditionally but also let me experience the consequences of my decisions, good and bad. They never cared less about me because I made a mistake, but they did require that I face the consequences of my actions. Sometimes this was unpleasant, but I knew they loved me no matter what.

Parenting is a difficult task! My parents have often said they weren’t perfect, but I don’t think perfection is required. Giving yourself to the job of parenting and doing the best you can each day is the key.

Thank you to all of our students’ parents for your efforts! Thank you for trusting us with your most precious possession, your child. It may seem like a thankless job but your children will recognize your good work in the future, and you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing their growth and success in life. As educators and parents, we look forward to working with you and seeing great learning during this school year!

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