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My Father’s Tools (Father’s Day Letter)

JC Warnock


Here are a few tools that you’ve shared with me over the years.  I’ve tried to describe some lessons you taught with these tools….metaphorically that is. Normally I would be sure to put your tools back where I found them but I’ll hang onto these and pass some along to your grandchildren and the kids I work with at school.

Level – Approach challenges without flying off the handle.  Maintain a personal balance in life.  Things tend to be interrelated.  If something is out of level in one spot, it’s probably wrong all over.

Hammer – Take aim and hit a nail carefully while avoiding damage to everything around it.  Be careful when and where you use force or authority.

Pliers – Get a firm grip on challenges that come along.  Try to understand an issue before you rush in to fix problems for others.  It’s easy to get carried away and bend things out of whack.  If you do need to make adjustments, do so with care.

Saw – Take time to get a sharp blade and take good measurements before you start hacking away at things.  It’s easy to damage others if you go sawing away indiscriminately.

Loppers – When in doubt, thin things out.  Life can get pretty cluttered with activities.  Trim things out that are not working and make more space for good activities to thrive.  If something doesn’t improve your life and the life of those around you, lop it out and thrown it on the burn pile.

Ruler – Take careful and accurate measure of yourself but don’t be too strict in measuring others.  Avoid comparing yourself to others and realize that all people are of equal measure in the sight of God.

You have always taken accurate measurements and used tools carefully so that things fit together and are made better.  Some people would use these same tools to cut down or injure others.  While none of us use these tools perfectly, you’ve set the example of building others up and making the world a better place.


My dad’s hammer and pliers

This is me trying to help my dad.

This is me trying to help my dad.

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