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AIS Newsletter for April, 2018

Lieutenant Jim Warnock

My father, Lieutenant Jim Warnock in the early 1950s

From the Principal…

I’m proud of my father. We had our disagreements, especially during my teenage years, but he became wiser in my eyes with each passing year as I entered adulthood. He served in Korea in the 1950s before I was born. Recently, he almost apologized that there wasn’t much fierce combat during his time there. I didn’t think any apology was necessary.

A favorite story told of him is that his platoon was crossing a minefield when one of the men froze and wouldn’t move forward. My father moved in front of him and told him and the others to follow in his steps as he led the group through this dangerous area, knowing that he risked death by being the first in line.

When he returned to the United States, he worked to provide for his family and was involved in his community. He always enjoyed service projects. In his early 80s, he was still “building ramps to help the elderly folks.”

Like my father impacted my life, our students’ fathers can have a positive influence on our school. The mere presence of a man for lunch and recess improves the atmosphere, shows students that men think education is important and gives students the opportunity to see men involved in their community.

Join us for Dads on Duty when your schedule allows. Moms are always welcome, too! Simply drop by the office and say you want to sign up, then come to lunch and recess and enjoy being part of our school. You’ll have fun, and you’ll have a positive impact on our students.

~ Mr. Warnock

Click to open the whole newsletter: News Alma Intermediate Editr0418

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  1. Bob Shelton says:

    What a great pic and powerful story

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