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Alma Intermediate School News for Feb. 2018

From the Principal…

Here’s my to-do list from childhood: Take out the trash then feed the dog and my sister’s horse. On Saturday, I’d help my father mow the yard and sometimes work in his iron shop grinding welds on the railing he built for porches and stairwells.

Beyond that, there were the following “required” activities: Walking, running, or riding my bicycle in the woods behind our house; Climbing a large pine tree with my dad’s camera; Fishing in a small creek that ran under a bridge about one mile down the highway; Throwing a football or frisbee with my dad or neighbors; Playing the drums.

Kevin Taylor’s article in the Times Record reminded me of those active, yet relaxed, childhood days. If we’re not careful, we’ll pressure the joy right out of childhood as we rush from one activity to another. We can also squeeze the pleasure from childhood by undue pressure to “win” or “be the best,” long before it even matters.

Yes, performance is important, but a relaxed and creative mind performs better than a fearful, pressured mind. Today I’m at my creative best when walking, reading, or working with others.

Outstanding performance comes from those who are balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually. Childhood sets the stage for lifelong learning. Let’s set the stage well and equip our children to be enthusiastic and clear thinkers as they move through life.

Read the whole newsletter: News Alma Intermediate 0218r

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