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“CAN You Draw a Texas Longhorn?”

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My mother with older brother, Reese Kennedy My mother with older brother, Reese Kennedy

Yesterday I was reminded that January 4 would have been my Uncle Reese’s 90th birthday.  He was my mother’s older brother and she loved him very much.  As a child, I was in awe of him because he was an artist.  As an adult, I was in awe of him because of his adventurous spirit, his open questioning mind, and his talent.

When I was 5-years old we were visiting Uncle Reese and his family in Dallas.  For reasons I can’t recall, I was obsessed with Texas Longhorns.  Shortly after we arrived I approached Uncle Reese as the adults were visiting and asked if he would draw me a picture of a Texas Longhorn.  He said he’d do this later and continued to visit with my parents.

I approached my uncle several more times over the next day or two and each time he…

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  1. Bob Shelton says:

    U r a gifted story teller

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Sue Warnock says:

    One of my “do-over” wishes would be to have taken one of “Uncle Reese’s” watercolor classes. I was encouraged to do so by my aunt (his adoring sister) countless times. Admiring his work in her home was only one of the many joys I experienced when visiting you and your family. I know that Texas longhorn well. It evokes many fond memories.

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