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Happy Birthday to My Mother

Mother and Daddy in 1956

Mother and Daddy in 1956

My mother’s birthday is coming up, and I’ve been thinking about what she’s given to her family and community. Some of my earliest memories are of a mother who was kind, giving, and a friend to all. She and my father got married just before he went to Korea. Their friends collected flowers from homes in Arkadelphia, and they borrowed a wedding arch for the ceremony. Mother worked hard and fast to complete college at Ouachita before my dad got out of the Army and then they began their life together. After teaching a year in South Texas, they moved to El Dorado where I was raised and they still live today.

Jimmy and Elsie Warnock

Jimmy and Elsie Warnock

Their first house payment was $80.00 a month, and she worried about how they would meet that cost every month. They weathered a few hard times along the way but never failed to provide for the needs of their two children. Today, they remain independent in their 80s and continue to serve their community. Mother was a great teacher in public school and at home. She is still a learner today. She often shares new tricks she’s learned on the computer or something she’s read.

I have many memories of sitting with mother in church. Maybe this was because of my restlessness and occasional behavior problems during services. One thing she sometimes did that was annoying at the time was lick her hand and press my hair down. The memory of that is far from annoying, now a special symbol of the attention she gave to my sister and me.

Below is a link to that simple song Becca and I did for her several years ago. It is still true today! “You’ve given hope, you’ve given dreams and helped them come true.” Thank you for your love and commitment. Happy birthday! We love you!

Jimmy & Elsie Warnock

Jimmy & Elsie Warnock

Click this link if you want to hear a somewhat sentimental, but heartfelt, song about the love of a mother.

Mother’s Love


  1. Sue Warnock says:

    Well said, Jim! I am in total agreement. Your mother extended her love, care, and encouragement to her nieces and nephews too. I am blessed to have been one of those lucky ones!

  2. Bob Shelton says:

    I always stop and read your stories. U have a gift and a love for your family that inspires

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