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Family Stories

Nat'ral Truth cover

Below is a link to The Nat’ral Truth by Arch Warnock. We called him Grampie. My mother, Elsie, put it together with artwork by her brother, Reese. I remember watching some of the reel-to-reel recordings made in our living room on Calion Hwy. It took a little warming up from Mother to get Grampie to tell his stories. This little book has become a treasure for our family.

Beyond these tall tales that Grampie told, we collected family stories passed down over the years. Some are in writing, but many are passed along verbally. I would encourage families to tell stories of their childhood and what they remember about parents and grandparents. It’s comforting for children to know they’re part of a family’s story.

Click link to open the book: The Natural Truth by Arch Warnock Elsie Warnock Reese Kennedy 1970

Nat'ral Truth2


School News for December, 2014

Alma Intermediate School Newsletter – December, 2014  Click the link to open the full newsletter.

Aunt Nance is on the right, pictured here with siblings Arch Warnock, my grandfather, and Aunt Hettie.

Aunt Nance is on the right, pictured here with siblings Arch Warnock, my grandfather, and Aunt Hettie.

From the Principal…

As a teaching intern in my last year of college, I was able to visit my great-aunt who lived close to the school.  Aunt Nance made me feel special and was interested in what I was doing.  That made me want to visit her often, even though we were from different generations.   

Aunt Nance had a well in her yard, a big vegetable garden, and loved to share her biscuits and homemade jelly.  Going to her house was like stepping back into a simpler time.  I don’t remember her having a television.  Conversation was our entertainment.

I loved our visits but dreaded seeing her pull shoe boxes out of her closet because that meant we were going to look at old family photos.  Many of the pictures were of people I’d never met, but I would try to pay attention and be polite. 

I was recently telling someone about Aunt Nance and realized that I would give anything to sit down with her and go through some of those shoeboxes filled with pictures today.  I would ask her to tell stories about the family members in the pictures.  I would ask her if we could label the pictures and make copies for me to keep.

My hope at this Christmas season is that we will treasure our time together and make some good memories. Ask the elders of your family about Christmas when they were children.  You just might learn some good stories about your family.   Let’s give our cell phones a rest and have a conversation with parents or grandparents.  Time and attention might be the most valuable gifts we can share. 

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